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Course Overview

SQL (Structured Query Language) is central to working with any form of database. In this practical hands on course participants learn how to use the full potential of SQL to write complex queries. The course covers select statements, grouping and aggregating  data,  joins,  subqueries and unions. Participants will also learn how to insert, update and delete data and how to create and alter Views and Stored Procedures. The course will significantly help anyone who needs to retrieve or manipulate information in a relational database. No prior knowledge of SQL is required.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Relational Databases
Primary Keys
Foreign Keys
Relational Database Management System 
Popular Databases  

Simple SELECT Statements
Whitespace and Semi-colons
Case Sensitivity
Selecting All Columns in All Rows
Selecting Specific Columns
Sorting Records 
Sorting By a Single Column
Sorting By Multiple Columns  
Sorting By Column Position
Ascending and Descending Sorts        

The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols 
Checking for Equality
Checking for Inequality    
 Using the WHERE clause to check for greater or less than
Checking for NULL 

The WHERE Clause and Operator Words    
The BETWEEN Operator   
The IN Operator 
The LIKE Operator   
The NOT Operator 

Checking Multiple Conditions 
Order of Evaluation  

Advanced SELECTs    
Calculated Fields
Mathematical Calculations
Aggregate Functions
Grouping and Aggregating Data    
Selecting Distinct Records
Common Math Functions    
Common String Functions
Common Date Functions 

Subqueries, Joins and Unions
Table Aliases  
Multi-table Joins  
Outer Joins

Conditional Processing with CASE

CASE syntax
Using CASE 

Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records

Creating and Modifying Tables 
Data Types
Creating Tables
NULL Values 
Primary Keys
Foreign Keys   
Creating Tables
Adding and Dropping Columns
Renaming Tables    
Dropping Tables

Creating Views
Dropping Views
Benefits of Views 

Stored Procedures
Creating Stored Procedures 
Dropping Stored Procedures
Benefits of Stored Procedures

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