Enable Technology


Project 2007

Course Overview

Duration: 1 day course

Course Content

Getting started
Project management concepts
Exploring the Project window
Working with project files
Using Help

Working with tasks
Creating a task list
Modifying a task list
Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Scheduling tasks
Setting up task links
Working in Network Diagram view
Working with advanced task options

Managing resources
Creating base calendars
Working with resources and calendars
Working with resource costs

Working with views and tables
Working with views
Working with tables

Filtering, grouping, and sorting
Working with filters
Working with groups
Sorting tasks and resources

Finalizing the task plan
Finalizing schedules
Resolving resource conflicts
Tracking project work
Managing a project
Updating the progress of tasks
Observing project progress

Analyzing and adjusting the plan
Analyzing the plan
Rescheduling tasks

Formatting and reporting
Formatting a project file
Using drawing tools
Printing views and reports
Customizing reports
Visual reports

Customizing the project environment
Creating custom views
Creating macros
Creating a toolbar and a menu
Creating a custom table

Managing multiple projects
Consolidating and sharing projects
Sharing resources across projects

Project communications
Communicating among a project team
Working with hyperlinks

Exchanging project data
Importing data
Exporting data
Copying data

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