Enable Technology


PowerPoint 2010

Course Overview

Duration: 1 day course

Course Content

Getting started
The PowerPoint window
Getting help

New presentations
Creating presentations
Saving presentations
Rearranging and deleting slides
Using slides from other presentations

Formatting slides
Formatting text
Modifying text
Formatting paragraphs

Using drawing objects
Adding shapes
Modifying objects
Using text in objects

Working with graphics
WordArt Pictures
Clip art

Using tables and charts

Modifying presentations
Templates and themes
Slide masters
Transitions and timings
Speaker notes
Slide shows

Proofing and delivering presentations
Proofing presentations
Running presentations
Printing presentations

Customizing PowerPoint
Application settings
The Ribbon
Custom themes

Using graphics and multimedia
Clip art
Media clips
Photo albums

Customizing SmartArt graphics, tables, and charts
Customizing SmartArt graphics
Customizing tables
Working with Chart Tools

Action buttons, custom slide shows, and equations
Interactive elements
Custom slide shows

Distributing presentations
Using comments
Finishing a presentation
Distributing presentations
Broadcasting a slide show online

Integrating Microsoft Office files
Building slides from Word outlines
Embedding and linking content
Working with hyperlinks

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