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Web Development 


Course Overview

A two day intensive course introducing PHP and equipping candidates with the skills necessary to build PHP driven dynamic web sites. Participants should have a sound knowledge of HTML.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

PHP Basics
How PHP Works 
The php.ini File 
Basic PHP Syntax 
PHP Tags 
PHP Statements and Whitespace
PHP Functions 

Variable Types 
Type Strength 
Variable Scope 
PHP Operators 
Creating Dynamic Pages 
Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes 
Passing Variables on the URL 
Passing Variables via the Query String 

Flow Control 
Conditional Processing 
If Conditions 
Working with Conditions 
break and continue 
Working with Loops 

Enumerated Arrays 
Initializing Arrays 
Appending to an Array 
Reading from Arrays 
Looping through Arrays 
Working with Enumerated Arrays 
Associative Arrays 
Initializing Associative Arrays 
Reading from Associative Arrays 
Looping through Associative Arrays 
Superglobal Arrays 
Working with Associative Arrays 
Two-dimensional Arrays 
Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays 
Looping through Two-dimensional Arrays 
Array Manipulation Functions 

PHP and HTML Forms 
HTML Forms 
How HTML Forms Work 
Form Variables 
Processing Form Input 

String Manipulation 
Formatting Strings 
String Manipulation Functions 
Working with String Manipulation Functions 
Magic Quotes

Reusing Code and Writing Functions 
Including Files 
auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file 
Adding a Header and Footer 
User Functions 
Defining and Calling Functions 
Default Values 
Variable Scope 
By Reference vs. By Value 
Form Processing 
Code Organization 
Form Validation and Presentation Functions 

Managing Data 
Querying a Database 
mysqli() Overview 
mysqli Methods and Properties 
Inserting and Updating Records 
mysqli Prepared Statements 
Inserting Records 

Advantages and Disadvantages of PEAR DB 
Why use a database abstraction layer? 
When not to use a database abstraction layer? 
Using PEAR DB 
Creating a Customer Report 

Authentication with PHP and SQL 
A Database-less Login Form 
Authenticating Users 

Regular Expressions 
Perl-compatible Regular Expression Functions 
Regular Expression Tester 
Regular Expression Syntax 
Start and End ( ^ $ ) 
Number of Occurrences ( ? + * {} ) 
Common Characters ( . \d \D \w \W \s \S ) 
Grouping ( [] ) 
Negation ( ^ ) 
Subpatterns ( () ) 
Alternatives ( | ) 
Escape Character ( \ ) 
Form Validation Functions with Regular Expressions 

Session Control and Cookies 
Configuring Sessions 
Session Functions 
Authentication with Session Control 

Sending Email with PHP 
Shortcomings of mail() 
Sending a Password by Email 

File System Management 
Opening a File 
Reading from a File 
Writing to a File 
Writing to a File 
File Locking 

Uploading Files via an HTML Form 
Getting File Information 
More File Functions 
Directory Functions 
Getting a Directory Listing 
Creating a Resume Management Page

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