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Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2017 Analysis Services Tabular Modelling

Course Overview

A two day intensive course detailing how to create, deploy, use and manage tabular models in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2016 – 2017. The course is aimed at Data Analysts and SQL professionals.  No prior knowledge of SSAS is assumed.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Topics include-

Overview of SSAS Tabular models
Version comparison
Data sources supported in SSAS tabular 2017
Data sources supported in SSAS  tabular 2016

Create Tabular Models
Tabular model designer
Create a New Tabular Model Project
Import from Analysis Services
Import from Power Pivot
Import from Power View

Import Data
Data sources supported in tabular 1400 models
Data sources supported in tabular 1200 models
Data types supported
Import data by using a native query

DirectQuery Mode
Enable DirectQuery mode in SSDT
Enable DirectQuery mode in SSMS
Add sample data to DirectQuery models
Define partitions in DirectQuery models
Test a model in DirectQuery mode
DAX formula compatibility in DirectQuery mode

Tables and Columns
Add columns to a table
Delete a Column
Change table, column
Row filter mappings
Specify Mark as Date Table for use with Time Intelligence
Add a table Delete a Table
Create a Calculated Table
Rename a Table or Column
Set the Data Type of a Column
Hide or freeze columns
Create a Calculated Column
Sort Data in a Table
Filter Data in a Table

Create a Relationship Between Two Tables
Delete Relationships
Bi-directional cross filters 

Understanding DAX in Tabular Models

Create and Manage Measures

Create and Manage KPIs

Create and Manage Hierarchies

Create and Manage Partitions in the Workspace
Database Process Partitions in the Workspace

Database Perspectives
Create and Manage Perspectives


Create and Manage Roles
Object-level security

Analyze in Excel
Analyze a tabular model in Excel

Deploy tabular model solutions
Deploy from SQL Server Data Tools

Manage Tabular Model Databases
Process Database, Table, or Partition
Manage Roles by using SSMS
Create and Manage Tabular Model Partitions
Process Tabular Model Partitions
Connect to a tabular model database
Restore from Power Pivot

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