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Dreamweaver CC

Course Overview

In this course, students will learn how to use Dreamweaver Creative Cloud CC to plan, create, and modify a website. They will also learn how to create pages and format text; define structural elements; create and apply CSS style rules; insert and modify images and links; test and manage Web site files; and publish a site.

Duration: 2 day course

Course Content

Getting to Know Dreamweaver
Understanding the Internet
Understanding Websites
What Is Dreamweaver
Understanding Website Coding
Planning Fundamentals
Starting Dreamweaver From the Desktop
The Welcome Experience
Understanding the Dreamweaver CC Workspace
Opening a File From the Welcome Window
Understanding the Document Window
Understanding the Standard Toolbar
Working With the Document Window
Closing a Document

Navigating Dreamweaver
Understanding Panels and Panel Groups
Displaying and Hiding Panels
Floating and Docking Panels
Understanding the Insert Panel
Understanding Workspaces
Working With Workspaces
Creating a Custom Workspace
Understanding the Properties Inspector

Working With Views
Understanding Views
Understanding Code View
Understanding the Coding Toolbar
Understanding Design View
Understanding Live View

Creating a New Website
Understanding Setting Up a Website
Understanding Site Structure
Understanding the Files Panel
Defining a New Dreamweaver Site
Adding Folders to a Website
Adding Files to a Website
Adding a Home Page
Managing Files and Folders

Your First Webpage
Understanding the New Document Dialog Box
Creating a New Webpage
Saving a New Webpage
Fundamentals of HTML
Fundamentals of CSS
Understanding Basic Web Page Structure
Adding a Div Tag
Understanding New Document Preferences
Adding a Header Tag
Adding a Nav Tag
Adding Other Page Elements
Exiting Dreamweaver CC

Working With Text
Typing Text
Understanding Selecting Text
Understanding Spacing
Copying and Pasting Text
Converting Line Breaks
Using Paste Special
Importing a Microsoft Word Document
Inserting Special Characters
Checking Spelling

Introduction to CSS Styles
Understanding CSS Styles
Understanding CSS Rules
Understanding the CSS Designer Panel
Linking to an External Style Sheet

Managing Layouts With CSS
Understanding Layouts
Understanding Floating Elements
Understanding Page Layout Properties
Setting Element Width and Height
Floating Elements
Clearing Floats
Understanding the Position Property
Setting the Element Position Property
Previewing the Page Layout
Using CSS Inspect to Check Page Layout
Using CSS Disable
Previewing Page Layout on Other Devices

Working With Images
Understanding Image Formats
Understanding the Assets Panel
Understanding Images and Accessibility
Inserting an Image
Dragging and Dropping an Image
Inserting an Image Using Code View
Understanding Element Quick View
Inserting an Image Using Element Quick View

Working With Navigation
Understanding Hyperlinks and URLs
Understanding Creating Hyperlinks
Creating an Internal Link
Creating an Absolute Link
Creating a Link to a Named Anchor
Creating an Email Link
Styling Hyperlinks With CSS
Formatting Hyperlinks With Pseudo-Classes
Creating CSS Rollovers Using Pseudo-Classes
Styling a Navigation Bar With CSS
Creating a Navigation Bar With CSS Code

Getting Help
Understanding the Help Menu
Using Online Help
Searching for Online Help
Accessing Online Tutorials

Uploading a Website
Previewing and Testing a Website
Checking Links and Validation
Optimising for Search Engines
Uploading a Website to a Remote Server

The Adobe Account
The Adobe Website
Signing in to Your Adobe Account
The Creative Profile Home Page
Managing Your Adobe Account
Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager
Working With Apps
Understanding Assets
Understanding TypeKit
Add Fonts in Typekit
Understanding Adobe Colour CC
Understanding Behance

Creative Cloud Libraries
The Libraries Panel
Adding Assets to the Libraries Panel
Accessing the Contents of Your Library Online
Sorting the Contents of the Library
Sharing Libraries
Working With Libraries

Layer Effects
Applying a Drop Shadow Effect
Applying a Glow Effect
Adding a Border
Copying Effects to Other Layers
Saving Layer Effects as a Style
Understanding Layer Comps

Smart Objects
Understanding Smart Objects
Understanding Editing Smart Objects
Create an Embedded Smart Object
Editing an Embedded Smart Object
Creating a Linked Smart Object
Modifying a Linked Smart Object
Editing a Smart Object in Illustrator

Transforming Images
Flipping and Rotating Images
Straightening Images Using the Ruler Tool
Straightening Images Using the Crop Tool
Straightening Scanned Images
Correcting Perspective With Perspective Crop
Correcting Perspective With Puppet Warp
Changing Perspective With Perspective Warp
Scaling, Skewing and Freeform Rotating Images
Warping Images
Creating a Panorama

Tonal and Colour Corrections
Understanding Tone Colour and Channels
Understanding Adjustment Layers
Creating an Adjustment Layer
Using Adjustment Presets
Understanding Tone and Histograms
Using Levels to Improve Contrast
Using Curves to Improve Contrast
Opening Up Shadows
Repairing Photos That Needed Fill Flash
Correcting a Colour Cast Automatically
Correcting a Colour Cast Manually
Adjusting Colour Temperature
Adjusting Colour Saturation Selectively
Converting Colour Images to Greyscale
Brightening Washed Out Colours
Adjustment Layers in a Multi-Layered Image

Masks Filters and Blending
Understanding Layer Masks
Understanding Filters
Understanding Blending Modes
Applying a Vignette
Applying a Soft Focus Effect
Applying a Blurred Lighting Vignette
Applying a Focus Vignette Effect
Blending Images
Sharpening Images With the Unsharp Mask
Sharpening Images With Smart Sharpen
Adding Grain With the Add Noise Filter
Applying a Creative Filter
Smoothing Skin Using the High Pass Filter
Dodging and Burning
Adding Motion With Path Blur
Adding Elliptical Motion With Spin Blur
Reducing Camera Shake

Introduction to 3D
Understanding 3D in Photoshop
Understanding the 3D Panel
Understanding the Properties Panel
Understanding 3D Concepts
Creating Preset 3D Shapes
Working With Camera Views
Working With the Light Source
Add Colour to 3D Objects
Creating 3D Text
Applying Colour to 3D Text
Saving and Exporting 3D Objects
Importing a 3D Image Into an Image

Using Adobe Bridge
Installing Adobe Bridge
Understanding the Bridge Workspace
The Bridge Menu and Tool Bar
Opening an Image in Bridge
Working With Thumbnails
Working With Views in Bridge
Organising Images in Bridge
Sorting and Filtering
Embedding Metadata in Your Image Files

Introduction to Camera Raw
Understanding Camera Raw
The Camera Raw Screen
Understanding Camera Raw Panels
Understanding the Raw Tool Bar
Making Basic Changes in Camera Raw
Opening Images in Camera Raw
Preferences Dialog Box

Adobe Mobile Apps
Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps
The Adobe Capture Apps
Adobe Photoshop Mobile Applications
The Creative Cloud Library and Mobile Apps
Mobile Application Help and Support

Creating a Contact Sheet
Creating a PDF Presentation
Creating a Web Photo Gallery


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